Day 8: August 28, 1999
Angel & Juan and My Big Goof



Another beautiful morning - this one in Williams, AZ. First stop is at the publisher of Route 66 magazine then around the corner for breakfast at the Pine Country Restaurant. Before leaving town, we caught a Grand Canyon excursion preparing to take off.

Here is a bridge, built in the '20s and part of one of the older alignments of Route 66. A bit off of the beaten path, the bridge is in quite good shape in spite of the tree that has taken up residence inside its guard rails.

Minutes after we arrived in Seligman, so did a "pre-caravan". These folks are part of the southern California crowd that wanted to get an early start. Because of them, Juan Delgadillo took some of the ladies for a ride down the main street of town. While Juan is cruising and pulling his numerous gags, the somewhat quieter Delgadillo, Angel, chats in front of his barber shop just down the street.

Our day's travel stopped suddenly when I made an unplanned excursion off of the road just west of Kingman. No injuries to the occupants but the same cannot be said of the car. The damage may be restricted to the bodywork but it took a pretty rough ride and is at the Chevy dealer in Kingman awaiting their reopening on Monday. My fondest hope is that the car is ruled drivable and I can bring it home with some strategically placed tape. Otherwise, I'll be looking for the Mercury Sable Caravan.

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