Route 66 Miles of Possibility Conference


Prelude - Sep 29, 2017
I attended the first Miles of Possibility Conference back in 2015. This is the third. In the journal postlude for that 2015 trip I noted that it was not yet obvious whether it was a blip or a watershed. The reason for thinking it one or the other was that it was a conference rather than a festival. The Route 66 festivals I was familiar with were sponsored by some organization and free to attend. Vendors were charged a fee to market to those attending and there were optional banquet style meals which cost money but pretty much everything else, which might include some entertainment, was free. Getting people who were used to that sort of event to pay to learn something about a road many felt they were already experts on was not easy. Attendance was modest but sufficient to keep the sessions from feeling empty. On the other hand, the numbers were hardly enough to indicate the wholesale embracing of a new tradition. The fact that its third incarnation is a real thing that is happening in a few weeks makes me think it possible that it was a watershed rather than a blip. We shall see.

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