Day 6: October 23, 2017

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The scene may look familiar. It's a picture of the intersection where I started yesterday's twenty-seven mile detour, and it's taken from roughly the same perspective. Part of my reasoning when I decided to stop where I did yesterday was the thought of driving north to the other side of the detour and minimizing the amount of US-35 missed. I minimized it a lot.

There is evidence that there was some road closure at one time but it's all open now. I was able to drive the entire skipped section northbound, then turn around, take this picture, and do what I didn't do yesterday. It is this recovery from a detour that gives this page its name. It should not be confused with the similar sounding, but probably more interesting, Undie Tour.

There was some nice looking two-lane along the way, although this was not a gorgeous top-down day. There was also some construction and clusters of orange barrels.

I left US-36 to drive into Richmond, Indiana. Main Street/National Road/US-40 is intact, but some of the cross streets have major work in process.

My purpose in entering Richmond was breakfast at The Tin Lizzie Cafe. Good food and great walls. Those walls can teach you a lot of local history. They even hold a couple of disks from Richmond's Gennet Records, "The Birthplace of Recorded Jazz". Coming from a Route 66 Conference, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this light switch panel in a restaurant on the National Road. In the restaurant's defence, there is a Historic National Road sign in the front window.

I returned to US-35 and followed it into Eaton before turning off for home. I took no pictures since it's a section I'm familiar with and there was at least some light rain most of the time. I can now add US-35 to the list of US Numbered Highways I've driven entirely. I drive the bits between Richmond and Dayton fairly often. It was once part of the National Old Trails Road, though not part of the National Road. I don't drive the route beyond Dayton all that often but I have driven it multiple times.

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