Day 3: October 6, 2017
Presentation Day

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Today was presentation day and I did a really lousy job of photographing the presenters. I missed some and what pictures I did get are pretty bad. I'm going to use what I have, however, because I'd have a pretty empty page otherwise. I didn't even get pictures of the first two presentations but did grab a photo of the ladies who gave them when they returned for questions. Christine Henry, on the photo's right, delivered "They Moved the Blue Hole ?!?" Tales of an Ohio Roadside Icon. Anne Delano Steinert's presentation was titled Finding Kenyon Barr.

America's Main Street: Route 1, Heritage Tourism, and the Changing Roadside Landscape was the topic of Aaron Marcavitch's talk, and Heather David talked about and showed some examples from her book . Karen L. Daniels spoke of Roadside Beautification Efforts of the 1920 and 1930s.

Lunch was a genuine Cincinnati experience at a nearby Skyline Chili parlor. A highly unscientific survey indicates that possibly 3 out of five actually liked it, 1 out of 5 thought it edible in a pinch, and the fifth struggled to find words that would not offend.

As hard as it id to believe, I think I actually did worse on pictures in the afternoon than I did in the morning. Daniella Beltran delivered The Commercial Evolution of Over-the Rhine, Cincinnati, OH. The second and third individual pictures are of Stephanie Tiedeken and Irene Lule who described Processing the Society for Commercial Archeology Records. I completely missed getting a picture of Mary Ann Michna during her Artwork Influenced by the American Road presentation so have included a fuzzy group photo of the Q & A period with her in the middle.

A neon documentary finished out the afternoon then everyone headed out on their own for dinner. I was part of a small group who dined and listened to live music at Cincinnati's oldest tavern, Arnold's. There was a night time walking tour available but I was done for the day and headed home.

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