Day 7: February 1, 2011
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I noticed this place yesterday then found some very favorable reviews on line. So I personally verified that the place is fun & friendly and the food is great. Perry, the owner, checks and chats with customers. That Gibson 'V' on the wall is his. The wall mural is filled with the familiar and the sign post points to places like Tatooine (4 parsec), Hazard County (2500 mi.), and Santa Carla (Beware of vampires - 185 mi.).

Oceanside is proud of its US-101 history and marks the route with both roll by and roll over signs. Other communities have Historic Route signs on poles but these are the only signs I've seen painted on the pavement.

A windshield shot of the coast near Del Mar.

Back in San Diego, I parked near the Maritime Museum and walked along the waterfront. The first picture is of the USS Midway with the Unconditional Surrender statue visible on the left. I saw the one in Sarasota, FL, in 2008 so this completes the set. The image depicted by the statue is a very well known symbol of V-J Day in the United States. The fact that a number of Japanese tourists were happily posing with the statue and snapping pictures struck me as at least interesting if not down right ironic. I wanted a shot of the children at the statue without their faces shown clearly. You can't really see their faces in this one but you can sure tell where the little boy is looking. There is also a Japanese girl in the picture of the Bob Hope tribute. She is looking at a camera out of frame to the left.

Several other military related monuments dot the San Diego waterfront. The first one pictured is to the USS San Diego which is credited with being the "second most decorated ship in WW II". The second picture shows a family reunion with some similarity to Unconditional Surrender. The last picture of the "United States Aircraft Carrier Memorial".

I've been by Anthony's several times but have never eaten there. I decided to change that slightly today. By "slightly" I mean that I patronized the self service Fishette and not the full service Grotto. OK, a beer and chowder served in plastic isn't the same as a fine seafood dinner but I did get a table with a view.

Sculptures line the waterfront as part of the Port of San Diego Public Art Program. The pair in the first picture are titled Zoofrica and Pieces of the Search. Precision fits in with the Star of India's rigging and more sculptures run into the distance.

The day ended with dinner at my son's then goodbyes in anticipation of my flying home in the morning. But a third of the country is involved in a winter storm, expressways and airports are closed, and the second leg of my flight, Phoenix to Indianapolis, has already been canceled. We shall see.

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