Day 9: August 10, 2008
Over the Golden Gate
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I almost drove by the town of Mendocino but a couple of towers caught my eye. There are quite a few of the old water towers left standing though no longer supplying water. When I continued on, I couldn't resist turning onto Brewery Gulch Road. I found no brewery and I'm not so sure about the gulch part but I did get a good view of Mendocino across the water.

Some of the scenery along the way. The sculpted trees are in Manchester.

There were some really cool creatures in Gualala. They are quite the attention getters for the nursery where they live. Happy Birthday, Gualala!

I had actually hoped to find a restaurant in Gualala that Scott Piotrowski had recommended but it's gone. Scott also described the "town" of Sea Ranch that's just south of there. There are seemingly hundreds of mostly gray and fairly tacky houses stretching along the road for several miles. At least part of it is a rental operation where, I've since learned, my son has stayed. It's still kind of tacky.

Starting about Fort Ross, everything seems to get cranked up yet another notch. The views get a little prettier and the driving is just a little more fun. For a pure driving experience, this is among the absolute best I've seen.

I had never driven across the Golden Gate Bridge and was looking forward to it. I was disappointed but not surprised to find it hidden in fog. Still pretty cool and a nice end to a wonderful drive.

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