Day 11: August 12, 2008
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Last night, Cris & I set out for an Italian restaurant but, despite the fact that we thought it fairly early, there was quite a line. Not a big problem but, rather than just standing in line, we headed to a local watering hole for some local brews. When we returned, the line was just about gone but so was the food. The girl at the door told Cris, who's somewhat of a regular, that "It's the tourists." I'm not sure if he told her he had one with him.

There's no need to go hungry in San Francisco and before long we were working on a darned good Chinese meal. But once again the night passed without me getting a photo. That's partly why I took this one almost first thing this morning. This is my oldest son, Crispian, standing in front of a local landmark that I don't believe I've ever seen all of.

As we drove through the Presidio, I grabbed pictures of a couple of the many buildings and of one of the decorated Cool Globes currently displayed in the city.

We did get to at least see some wheel dipping although we don't know by whom. This was the end of some sort of charity bike ride and, after a few photos, some of the riders picked up their mounts and ran into the water. At least one was knocked completely off his feet by a big wave but he was still smiling.

Next came some random sightseeing. We drove though Lincoln Park and past the Cliff House where I had been yesterday. I had also driven by this windmill yesterday but thought it pure decorative. Not so. It was built in 1902 to pump water and was restored in 1981. The buffalo roam here just a little and the radio controlled speedboats, at least this one, fly. The last two pictures are of the Municipal Conservatory. The striking white glass building is surrounded by large and beautiful flower beds.

Lunch was at a fairly new location - the third - of a local operation called Pacific Catch. It had a`bit of an Asian tilt but not quite. Excellent food and I finally got around to embarrassing Crispian by handing the camera to our waitress.

After lunch we headed up to Twin Peaks where you can see everything there is to see or at least you could on a clear day. Even on a somewhat foggy day, you can see plenty. From here, just watching the fog move over the bay is pretty cool.

We stopped by a little coffee shop and a micro brewery and met up with one of Crispian's friends while waiting for lunch to wear off and a desire for dinner to kick in. It never did. Maybe it would have eventually but I couldn't wait that long. I estimated that I ought to get up about 4:00 to get out of the motel, drop off the rental car, and make my flight. I dropped Cris off at his apartment with the realization that this trip was coming to a close. It was a dandy.

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