Day 1: November 23, 2017
Southern Dash

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I left home about 8:00 AM without much of an idea about schedule and without breakfast. Over the next couple of hours I mentally sorted out the schedule enough to realize that I could eat breakfast without jeopardizing my appetite for the day's big meal. I pulled into a Waffle House near La Grange, Kentucky, where, despite working on a holiday, the entire staff was in a good mood and happy to share it. It seems like that description fits most Waffle House employees.

I didn't quite make it to Nashville but turned west on KY-155.

I eventually connected with I-40 which took me to within a few miles of Natchez Trace State Park, my destination. The lot at the lodge was crowded but I found a space near the boat dock. I would be sleeping here as well as eating Thanksgiving dinner. I snapped the picture of the buffet after I picked up my key. The place was packed and the lobby half filled with people waiting to be seated. Told it would thin out later, I walked around outside and killed some time in my room. It was still busy when I returned but there wasn't a wait. The buffet was good but not spectacular. It did include all three Tennessee Thanksgiving Day entrees: turkey, ham, and catfish.

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