Day 4: November 30, 2008
Rain & Compote
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Yep, that's rain but, as I've often said, rain on the "going home" day of a road trip doesn't really upset me. I'm at the Midway Motel on Murfreesboro Road. I've stayed here before and thought I had posted some interior photos but apparently not. So here's some from this stay. I'm guessing that the owner does his own tile work and is no more adept at it than I am. The Midway is a decent $40 motel about two miles from Broadway that I'd recommend to some.

I had been looking forward to breakfast at the Elliston Place Soda Shop but it was not to be. However, I did get a look inside that puts the place even more firmly on my "to do" list. According to a sign taped to the door, it's closed just for the Thanksgiving weekend.

With the Soda Shop closed, I headed to the Pancake Pantry where I had eaten last year. This year I decided on the walnut pancakes. Chopped walnuts are cooked in the pancakes, a few more sprinkled on top, and some more in the orange compote served with them. This was my first experience with walnut pancakes and, to the best of my memory, my first experience with compote of any kind. Delicious!

The rain had stopped when I left the Pantry but it would return from time to time throughout the day and it would be grey and wet all the way home. I usually stop at the Corvette Museum when I'm near Bowling Green just to see if anything is new. On this stop, I didn't even have to go inside to see what's new. The new addition is progressing nicely and will be ready long before the official grand opening at next year's Labor Day gathering. In fact, the gal at the desk said they plan to start moving things into the addition in January. The grand opening of the expansion will be part of the museum's 15th anniversary celebration which will be accompanied by caravans from all over the country. I just might be there.

It's only mostly true that there are no 1983 Corvettes. Creating what we now call the C4 or fourth generation Corvette, was such a big job that, by the time the car was ready to be sold, the 1983 model year was old hat even though the 1983 calendar year was still pretty new. So the first C4 available to dealers was the 1984 model. A sign at the museum says 43 pre-production cars were made but other sources say 44. Whether 42 or 43 cars were destroyed, it's a certainty that only one survives. The lone 1983 Corvette is currently part of the world's only "Threes Display" (all ---3 models) at the museum.

I-65 took me from Nashville, to Bowling Green but a little north of there I switched to US-31W, part of the western trunk of the Dixie Highway. Checking up on Cave City's Wigwam Village was one reason for the switch. The office was unmanned but there were "OPEN" signs in the windows and a note on the door directing would be customers to the house at the property's south end.

I stayed on the Dixie to Louisville and got some bad news and some good news along the way. In Bonnieville, the "FOR SALE" sign at the OK Court seems to include an invitation to destroy them. A couple of the units appear to be occupied but others are in pretty sad shape. In Louisville, I was happy to see the Norman Pepper's 25 foot catfish was still there. In 2007, the city Planning Commission said it must come down since they considered it a sign and it was one too many. I don't know any details of the story since then but the fish remains and I, for one, am pleased.

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