Day 1: April 27, 2007
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Pepper Tackle. Louisville, KY Pepper Tackle. Louisville, KY Well, it wasn't exactly raining when I headed south but skies were far from clear. The drizzle that had greeted me when I left work had stopped by the time I finished packing and left home but it would return. I had intended to stick entirely to expressways in order to reach Cave City as quickly as possible but my resolve gave out in Louisville. For me, sitting at a dead stop waiting for a light to change on a busy two-lane isn't nearly as aggravating as being trapped behind a lane clogging line of cars holding me one or two MPH below my desired speed. At the point where I was to switch to I-65, congestion was so bad there was even a sign announcing it. I started to join the line of traffic at the exit but caught myself just in the nick of time. I drove on to the next exit and made some random (but generally southern) moves before deciding to pick up US-31W. That's the road we'll be following north on Saturday but only as far as Elizabethtown so taking it from the south edge of Louisville and picking up I-65 in Elizabethtown wouldn't spoil anything. And, as it turned out, it gave me a chance to see Norman Pepper's catfish.

From an on-line group, I knew of the fish's story but not its location. The city claims it's a sign and must come down. Pepper says the 25 foot catfish, with nary a word attached, is art. After taking a few pictures, I talked with Mr. Pepper and signed his list of supporters. Besides citing the Dixie Highway bait shop, the city has cited a Hooter's across town for a pair of lighted fake palm trees. That citation prompted a law suit. Apparently the city's definition of a sign is a bit vague and it would seem that examples of "selective enforcement" can only help. If Pepper's catfish survives, Hooters' palm trees (and deeper pockets) will have played a large role. Check out some local news coverage here.

Wigwam Village #2, Cave City, KY I entered the expressway at Elizabethtown and exited at Horse Cave just a few miles north of the Wigwams. Bliss and Mary Sue had arrived first (I was last) and had staked out the shelter. Hot dogs were grilled and eaten, a few "blue beasts" (and other beverages) consumed, and much roadie chatter exchanged. It's a small but relatively far flung group with Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri all represented. Any clues that this was a first meeting for some were gone within seconds. Once again I failed to get a "people picture" but I'll make up for that tomorrow.

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