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Day 1
Welcome Thunder

Day 2
Great Views and BBQ

Day 3
End of the Way

May 22, 2014 (day 3)
I drove the last seventy-five miles of the Wonderland Way, got my first look at a vanishing breed of roadside giants, and scurried home.

May 21, 2014 (day 2)
Today's drive might have been even more scenic than yesterday's. Of course, any day that starts with a soda fountain float and ends with barbecued ribs is a wonderful day.

May 20, 2014 (day 1)
I had nice weather for my drive to Indiana's first capital then had a nice surprise as hundreds of veterans on motorcycles passed through town on their way to Washington, DC.

Prelude - May 9, 2014
Wonderland, as in Alice's Adventures in..., is the theme of the Spring 2014 issue of American Road Magazine and one of its feature articles tells of an auto trail named the Wonderland Way. I found the article extra interesting since the eastern end of the trail it describes is less than twenty miles from my door and the western end less than 400 miles beyond. I also found it extra timely as I was itching for a springtime road trip and traipsing through southern Indiana on an auto trail designed to be "scenic" seemed just about perfect. As I write this, an exact date has not been selected but it will be in May. The week of the nineteenth is the most likely.

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