C2C2C (Ohio Corner to Corner to Corner) at DennyGibson.com
Corner to Corner to Corner
C2C2C (Ohio Corner to Corner to Corner) at DennyGibson.com

May 2, 2001
All done and lots of fun. Shook loose some winter cobwebs and relearned some lessons on the relationship between latitude and temperature. But, nothing weather related fell other than the temperature and a most enjoyable outing was had. Changed the "Days" button to start at the beginning.

April 26, 2001
OK. This time it's for real. We've already tickled one corner and there seems to be nothing in the way of starting our excursion toward the other. Of course, this heralds many things but foremost among them is the enabling of the "Days" button. This will now access the most recent daily posting and the rambling discourse of previous days can be reached from there. Tally ho!!

March 28, 2001
Oops, April 20th isn't going to be our date with Cleveland, either. This time it's the social calendar that conflicts. We'll try moving it just one week - to the 27th.

March 20, 2001
The weather is just not cooperating. Snow showers are predicted in Cleveland for Saturday and Sunday which doesn't sound like fun at all. We've scrapped plans for this weekend and tentatively picked April 20th.

This web-site will chronicle a little 3 day jaunt on my own 3C (Corner, Corner, Corner) Highway that includes at least part of the original 3C (Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland) Highway. We'll start in Cincinnati and travel to and from Cleveland on a pair of state routes that connect Ohio's second and third largest cities. A visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland lies in the middle of the journey. Tentative dates are March 23 through March 25.

I realize that a web-site for a three day trip is not nearly as interesting or useful as it is for longer ventures but it is harmless and makes good practice.

C2C2C (Ohio Corner to Corner to Corner) at DennyGibson.com

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