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Day 1
To the Swamp

Day 2
Beautiful Ohio

Day 3
At the Zoo

May 13, 2013 (day 3)
I succumbed to a second impulse after seeing lots of school kids at the spot my first impulse led me to. I didn't really work out in terms of kid avoidance but I had a good time and saw some wild critters.

May 12, 2013 (day 2)
Stop, look, and listen... to a little history. That's good advice.

May 11, 2013 (day 1)
Friends, relatives, music, and two classic meals.

Prelude - April 9, 2013
There are quite a few people traveling the Lincoln during this its centennial year. One of those people is Cecilia "Cece" Otto. Cece is not just traveling the road, she's singing the road. American Songline is an endeavor that will see her singing songs connected to the road in various ways in concerts along its full length. One of those concerts is in Hayesville, Ohio. That's less than a half-dozen miles from Mifflin, the site of April's Ohio Lincoln Highway League meeting. I'll return to the area for Cece's concert but this time I'll travel there from Van Wert on the Lincoln Highway.

Starting in Van Wert is not just a whim. By coincidence, there's also a concert there, just one day ahead of Cece's, that I'm looking forward to. Though I've heard a fair amount of Carey Murdock's music, this will be my first chance to see him perform more than a handful of songs at a jam session.

Here's another coincidence. I was a small contributor to Kickstarter campaigns for both performers I'm seeing on this trip as well as for that movie that drew me to Nashville a couple of trips back. Kickstarter didn't make me aware of these artists; It was the other way around. Dirk Hamilton made me aware of Sara Terry and FOLK, my knowledge of Carey Murdock came from Josh Hisle, and I first met Cecilia Otto at the 2011 Lincoln Highway Association Conference. I put a few bucks into each of these projects because I believed in the people involved and it's nice to see that confidence prove warranted.

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