Day 4: December 24, 2011
A Cotton Tale
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Today was for visiting friends so there's not a lot of travel to report. I'm padding the page with a look at my current Nashville home. A quick count of the bottles arrayed on the bathroom sink should leave no doubt that this joint is not my typical lodging. During my internet browsing for this trip, I came across the Club-Hotel Nashville which had some very nice reviews and some very nice specials. I was planning three nights in Nashville and its three-for-two special brought the motel's lowest priced room within the upper reach of my budget. The rest of my room can be seen here.

After a leisurely wake-up that included the motel's hot (eggs, sausage, waffles, biscuits, etc.) breakfast, I headed just over the Alabama line to visit some recently relocated friends. Tom & Monica are the sort of friends that you can see after an absence of years and pick up the conversation as if it had merely been on pause for a few minutes. They live in an open area near Meridianville surrounded by cotton fields. When Tom gave me a tour of the area, we expected to see some of those huge boxcar sized cotton bales at the nearby gin but found only the smaller (but still pretty darned big) ones pictured here. The kids had a blast playing in the snow like mounds. However, the fun ended suddenly and sadly when one of the young Gingers slipped and plummeted to a fluffy demise shortly after this picture was taken.

Another stop was at Sharon Johnston Park. There is a lot more here than the pictures show and that includes a shooting range. We didn't see it but we did hear it. The tractor is a McCormick-Deering which, I've just learned, was an early International Harvester product.

Back at the house, friends Jerry and Jean arrived with a freshly baked pecan pie to go with Monica's made-from-scratch chicken corn chowder. A wonderful feed -- with memories and laughs -- was had by all.

One of the youngest Gingers really hit it off with Tom and Monica and they decided to adopt him. Looks like a happy family to me.

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