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Day 1
Indiana's Wet

Day 2
There's a Room at the Inn

Day 3
Merry Christmas

Day 4
Wet Return

December 26, 2015 (day 4)
I found breakfast on my second try then moved onto a rain drenched drive home.

December 25, 2015 (day 3)
I checked Turkey Run at a walk then paced myself at the buffet.

December 24, 2015 (day 2)
The day started with a fun breakfast with friends and ended in a comfortable room at an Indiana state park.

December 23, 2015 (day 1)
The first half of the day was totally dry. The second half totally wet. Both halves were unseasonably warm with temperature in the 60s. I made it all the way to Indianapolis in just one day.

Prelude - December 17, 2015
Back in the 1980s the state of Indiana put the slogan "Wander Indiana" on its license plates. I thought it was a pretty cool slogan and so did some number of Indianans. A significant number, however, did not. I never quite understood why but some folks seemed to think that the slogan made Indiana residents look like a bunch of hicks. I guess it was the furor that makes it seem like the slogan was used much longer than the three years it actually appeared on those plates.

I am once again escaping Christmas but it will be neither long nor far this year. A need to be near Cincinnati shortly after the holiday is only one of the reasons. A somewhat similar situation existed in 2013 when I limited my travels by spending Christmas just one state away in West Virginia. One factor in that decision was the discovery that at least one West Virginia state park hosted a Christmas day buffet. This year I discovered that some Indiana state parks have Christmas day buffets so that's what I'm focusing my escape on. In 2013 I used West Virginia's state slogan. "Wild and Wonderful" to name the trip. This year I'm going back to that 1984 Indiana slogan for a trip name although I'm not using this one verbatim. What I'm using is a possible name for that autobiography I doubt I'll ever write.

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