Stone & Rock

Day 1
A Big Boulder

Day 2
Rock & Rails

Day 3
On to Music City

Day 4
Some Motels & Breakfast

Nov 21, 2004
I stayed with US-41 a while longer then US-31W before picking up the interstate at Bowling Green.

Nov 20, 2004
A visit to the Choo Choo and a drive to Nashville.

Nov 19, 2004
Ten lanes, two lanes. Three rails, two rails. Whatever it takes. I picked up US-41 at Atlanta and followed it to Chattanooga where I finally got to see what all those barns were talking about.

Nov 18, 2004
The "Peach", a rock, and some bulldogs.

A planned business trip to northeast Georgia got me looking for interesting routes home. I asked for ideas and both US-25 and US-41 were suggested. US-25 follows a sizable portion of the old Dixie Highway and has been truncated to the point that it now ends at Cincinnati. That latter fact makes it a great candidate for the focal point of a drive along its entire length but I just don't have that sort of time on this outing. I decided to save it for later.

So, I looked at US-41 and quickly noted that it passes close to something I've read about a lot. I don't mean I've read a lot about it but that I have literally read about it a lot. Rock City, the subject of the many barn side advertisements, is only a few miles off of Forty-One as it skirts Chattanooga's southern edge. Now, looking at the map with thoughts of Rock City I noticed that I would be starting less than a hundred miles from another Georgia hard spot - Stone Mountain. So I've decided to drive between a rock and a hard place.

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