Day 1: December 28, 2005
One Knight In Paris



Yes, I did actually depart from my Cincinnati home this A.M. but the journey didn't turn into my idea of a road trip until I left the interstate at Cave City. I thought I'd get a look at Wigwam Village #2 but didn't expect it to be open. However, for the first time in a long time, the motel will be open year round. Going good so far, I was told. Five tepees filled last night and that's on a Tuesday at the tail end of December.

Then it was US-31W into Bowling Green and a brief stop at the National Corvette Museum where I found this Route 66 themed display. I met Matt Parker, whose museum delivery was just being completed, and watched him as he watched his silver Z06 head outside. The third picture is of the five Corvettes awaiting delivery after Matt's departed. The red one is a convertible and is the only non-Z06 in the bunch.

US-68 took me to Russellville and the start of US-79 but before I switched routes I visited the town's public square. It is generally accepted that Kentucky never seceded during the Civil War but some number of counties think they did. In 1861, a couple of hundred delegates met in Russellville to elect a Confederate government. I've found web sites with 63 and 65 given as the number of counties participating but, carved in stone in Russellville, the number is 68. No word on how many townships in each of those counties went along with it.

I made a slight detour to the town of Guthrie, KY, where I found this portable grill. Cook a pig or two and aerate your lawn in one operation. The elephant and cow were down the road in Clarksville, TN.

The Fort Donelson National Battlefield near Dover, TN, was my last stop before darkness caught up with me (at 5:00 CDT!!). It was the North's first major victory and a major boost to the reputation and career of Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant.

The day had started with 55 degrees and a little sunshine in Cincinnati. Rain hit in a big way in Louisville and the sun was back in Bowling Green. There was light rain for much of the Tennessee portion of the day and falling temperatures, too. Low 40s and drizzle as I ended the day at a Knight's Inn in Paris, TN.

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