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Rascal's & Ribs

Day 2
The Canalway

Day 3
Begin Thirty-Six

May 13, 2007
Sometime I plan to drive US-36 from end to end mostly because one of those ends is in Ohio. I've actually driven most, if not all, of Ohio's portion of Thirty-Six but not in any organized fashion. Since I was already very near that Ohio end, I decided to start the day there and bluff it.

May 12, 2007
Sometimes you just can't cross that bridge when you come to it and that seemed the case quite a bit today. But a few detours didn't keep me from enjoying the well marked byway and ending right back where I started.

May 11, 2007
Absolutely no road related pictures or happenings today and I'm not even sending out anything on the mailing list. But I did get to see that guy from the blues festival again and I did have some mighty fine BBQ.

So I see this guy at the Cincy Blues Fest and that just naturally leads to this upcoming drive on one of Ohio's National Scenic Byways. Naturally? Naturally! Since they're right in the neighborhood, every one of Ohio's designated byways is somewhere on my "to do" list and the four National Scenic Byways in the state are near the top. After driving the Miami and Erie Canal Scenic Byway and poking around the south end of the Ohio and Erie Canal, I found myself thinking about the Canal Way Ohio Byway more and more. Then, in the middle of an Ohio summer I hit the Cincinnati Blues Festival and see this Ohio guitarist that really impressed me. I'd heard good stuff about Patrick Sweaney and I soon learned just how accurate that stuff was. I bought a couple of CDs, had a three second chat with Patrick, and left thinking I'd probably catch him and his band in some Ohio bar inside a couple of months.

But Ohio is bigger than it looks on paper and Sweany's home base is more or less in the corner opposite mine. I kept checking the schedule but, even though he seemed to be playing constantly and even getting out of state now and then, he wasn't getting to my corner of the state. He's still not. But, on the eleventh, he's in Dover and that's about as close as it's going to get for awhile. Well, it is closer than popular Sweany haunts Akron and Cleveland. In fact, it's close enough that an after work drive should get me there in time for the first set and that's not the only thing the town has going for it. That byway I mentioned has one end within a half mile or so of the stage the Patrick Sweany Band are occupying on Friday. So I'll dash to Dover Friday evening and let PSB prep me for a weekend drive on a National Scenic Byway that will put me back in Dover. Dover? Dover! Naturally.

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