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July 23, 2007
I found the 78th Division's display at the Sailors and Soldiers Memorial and headed home. I stayed mostly on the expressway but did get off just enough to visit a freshly restored (and rather fertile) bridge and a new sign.

July 22, 2007
Today's road time was all in the morning and was all spent getting to Pittsburgh. The afternoon was spent inside the Heinz History Center.

July 21, 2007
An absolutely beautiful drive once I got beyond Clarksburg and it wasn't at all bad before that. A late night (the blues part) and an early morning (getting to the books part) put me way behind in posting.

This little jaunt includes three stops with absolutely nothing in common. Two are at weekend events that are in the same general direction and are tied together by the calendar. The third is at a museum near one of the events.

The first event is a Saturday night performance by Patrick Sweaney, that Massillon, OH, guitarist who got me ready for the Ohio & Erie Canalway drive in May. It is in Thomas, West Virginia. I kind of keep an eye on Patrick's schedule and sometimes make an evaluation on whether attending a particular gig is feasible. This one is marginally feasible in a venue, the Purple Fiddle, that sounds very interesting. Next comes a Pittsburgh, PA, appearance by two prominent travel authors, Brian Butko and Michael Wallis. Brian has written a number of books including several on the Lincoln Highway. Michael is best known for his Route 66 writings but has just begun a promotional tour for a Lincoln Highway book which he partnered with photographer Michael Williamson to produce. I've corresponded with Brian but we have yet to meet. I have met Michael a few times but look forward to seeing him again. Getting the two together is a two layer cake and Bernie Queneau will be the frosting. Bernie was one of the Boy Scouts who helped set the Lincoln Highway markers when the route was marked in 1928. There's going to be a lot of Lincoln Highway in that room.

The museum is also in Pittsburgh at the Sailors and Soldiers Memorial Hall. My father served with the 78th "Lightening Division" during WW II and reportedly the Hall contains an area dedicated to the 78th. It's a place I've wanted to visit for a long time.

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