Day 20: August 13, 2012
Turning East
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Another day on the expressway. Today the move was from San Diego, California, to Tucson, Arizona. I think that may have been a forest fire in the distance. Much nearer, there was evidence of blatant and radical genetic engineering.

I celebrated my return to Arizona with a beer at Fat Harvey's; The only Yuma bar I've ever known.

The mountain backed derelict sign is near Tucson and the other mountain is right across the road. Even on I-8 and I-10, the scenery for this entire drive was extremely nice. It's even nicer on old US-80.

Tucson is the home of Ronstadt Generation who I've mentioned a few times in my blog. They've had a sort of regular Monday night gig a the Chicago Bar for quite awhile. At some point it began looking like my return path might run through Tucson. A couple of days ago it began looking like that would probably be on a Monday. I dropped Michael J a note asking if they would be there. Nope, all of Ronstadt Generations are in Ireland for most of August. So maybe I'm not the most attentive fan in the world. But he also told me that "The other guys will be there and will have some special guests." By "other guys" I guessed he meant the musicians they often perform with at the Chicago Bar and who appeared on the most recent Generations CD as "Los Tucsonenses". I was right although they were listed as "B.E.E.F. the NMusical" and I, sadly, do not know the story behind the name. Nor do I know any of the names of the "other guys" or of the "special guests" but I do know that they were all impressive. I was working with my little Panasonic and very little light so the pictures are really crappy. I'm posting them so that you can see a hint of what I saw even though you can't hear what I heard.

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