Day 4: November 4, 2016
On to Tulsa

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Sometimes I really do get on the road early.

Of course, being on the road early doesn't always translate to getting out of town early. I stopped for breakfast at Faye's Diner on the other edge of Lebanon.

One of the new things at Gay Parita is a 1947 Chevy pickup that Barb has christened Miss Pearl and which she intends keep decorated a little better than some of the other classic vehicles parked about the place. I didn't see Barb today but chatted quite a bit with George then grabbed a snapshot of him as I was leaving.

In Spencer the sky is clear & blue and the gas is cheap.

I've a feeling that approaching this bridge into Galena, Kansas, will always be one of my favorite Route 66 views. Although it might open for special events, Cars on the Route is essentially closed for the winter.

At present, Afton Station is open on weekends but that may change in the heart of winter. It was closed today (a Friday) but I took a peek inside the post-Laurel entry room. Founder Laurel Kane died early this year. The U-Haul truck with a Bob Waldmire mural sits in front of the museum portion of the station.

So much foliage covered the Blue Whale's ark and mushrooms on my first visit in 1999 that I didn't even know they were there. The whale itself has been spruced up way beyond clearing the weeds and improvements continue. After swapping some stories, whaletender Linda Hobbs agreed to a photo next to me.

In Tulsa, Brad Nickson, Oklahoma Route 66 Association President, and his wife LaSandra treated me to dinner. It being First Friday, the area was very much alive and, after chatting about Route 66, common friends, and computer software, the Nicksons guided me around to some of the shops, galleries, etc. Sorry I didn't get a picture of our little group but I do have an only slightly blurry shot of a girl and a flaming hula hoop. Yeah, First Friday is like that.

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