Day 2: August 22, 1999
Only Seven States to Go



I spent the first night in Pontiac, Illinois. The riders of these four BMWs were in town for a rally and were heading home to Michigan. We were all appreciative of the weather that appeared to be in store for the day.

A natural choice for breakfast was The Dixie Trucker's Home. Breakfast bar, salad bar, and a couple of other's. Plus a guy cooking made to order overstuffed omelets. I departed an overstuffed traveler. I parked near a gorgeous GTO that was pulling away as I walked from the restaurant. We exchanged thumbs up.

I was not even aware that brick surfaced segments existed until running onto this stretch south of Springfield.

Encountered this gathering of cycling enthusiasts, which you may have guessed, was a poker run, in Stauton, Ill. I had a beer at the local checkpoint and bikes were coming and going all the time I was there. A large group.

Some Illinois landmarks. The library in Atlanta, capitol building in Springfield, Macoupin county jail, and Mother Jones' burial site in Mt. Olive.

The original ("Don't forget to turn.") Chain of Rocks bridge is open to foot traffic on weekends. I was lucky enough to get there just before Sunday's closing and walk out to take this picture.

Had my desert before dinner at Ted Drewe's frozen custard stand. This place is busy and this stuff is good!

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