Day 3: August 23, 1999
Tulsa Time



Connected with my uncle Wayne for breakfast. Had a good meal (he bought) and even better conversation. Wayne and two brothers did a California driving trip earlier this year that covered the coast from San Diego to San Francisco. The only rain so far was just starting as I pulled in. That kept us from going outside for pictures and it kept the top up when I left. But in about an hour, the sun was shining and the car was once again open.

Apologies for the blurry photo. I feel I have to use it since it is the only one I have from Kansas. You'll just have to take my word for it - that sign does say Kansas.

The story goes that there was only enough money to pave the 16 foot roadway half the distance that was needed. The solution was an 8 foot surface for the full distance. There are two of these sections remaining near Miami, Oklahoma. The radar detector did not go off once in this 3 1/2 mile stretch. Not only are there no Wal-Mart door openers to trigger it, I got the impression that it is not heavily patrolled. 3 to 5 miles per hour was the normal pace although I will confess to a couple of bursts to nearly 10 MPH.

The big blue whale is alive and well and so is the dog that trotted out to meet me then returned to the comfort of the whale's mouth. The same cannot be said of the rest of the complex. I recall reading that someone might be reviving this but there are no signs of that yet. I do know that you cannot fish here. Don't ask.

Ended day 3 in Stroud, Oklahoma. Stayed at the Sooner, had a beer at the Cue & Brew, and ate at the 99 Bar & Grill. The 99 is about a block off of 66 and I had not seen it but the folks at the Cue & Brew said it was the best place in town. I can't make any comparisons but I'll bet that they are right. Road grub, nothing fancy, but a better than average 'burger and some excellent fresh cut french fries.

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