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  Green T
A trip report with many similarities to Granny's. The report is fictitious but based on facts and access to many of those facts is offered. It's part of the Ford Museum site. This web site is the cyber presence of a real paper & ink magazine. The one man operation lives, travels, and publishes in the COW (Condo On Wheels). Naturally, information and links are RV oriented.
The "largest Model T club in the world" and, in my experience, the largest collection of Model T information in the world. Stories & photos from members, in depth historical details, and a remarkable amount of "how to do" and "where to get" information. A natural connection with the Treaty of Greenville and events preceding it gives a certain amount of importance but this well run and growing museum has significance well beyond that. Keeper of Lowell Thomas's restored birth place and lots of other Thomas and Annie Oakley memorabilia, the Garst Museum also houses the considerable resources of the Darke County Genealogical Society.
Granddad & Granny stopped in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 1920. The Corvette factory and National Corvette Museum are located there now.  
This is the "Links" page of Moon Handbooks. Pointers to some rather offbeat road trip sites. Good guide books and the Ohio volume endeared itself to me with a sidebar on the Triangle in Greenville.  

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